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Deviate Cycles

Claymore & Highlander II

The New Knolly Endorphin 6.0

Leading the new generation of knolly bikes
Handbuilt in Canada

Custom Wheels

To suit your riding style, needs and budget. Our wheels are built to be pushed to the limits, being tested and proven on the gnarliest trails in Whistler and The North Shore. Every wheel is built from the ground up by expert wheel builders. A great wheel is a work of art, balancing strength and functionality.

Trusted by riders in the Enduro World Series & DH world cup.

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Every once in a while, a brand like Deviate rises, challenging norms and redefining excellence. In a domain dominated by giants, their vision, ingenuity, and determination make them stand tall, offering an experience that's uniquely theirs.

Rider - @DaleStone

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